TFS and Windows Phone 7

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A long time time I entered on my backlog the user stories for a WP7 application to get data from TFS, when Microsoft release the beta for OData Service for TFS I reckoned I could dispose those entries on my backlog since it was merely a question of time someone wrote a WP7 client for TFS that would allow to easily visualize data stored on TFS.

I was not very far from the truth, yesterday I was browsing WP7 marketplace and found TFS Monitor that allows you to see data from TFS. It supports viewing builds, work items, team projects and also allows to see events (apparently work item changes, check ins and failed builds).

I’m still not totally sure but I think it also supports live tile notifications.

It comes pre configured with a demo server on the company site, it doesn’t has any instructions of how you can connect to your own server (the settings allows you to configure your server URL and auth parameters) however it doesn’t say if you need to install anything on the server.

I haven’t investigated that part yet, but from what I’ve seen (the first version threw some exceptionsSmile ) it seems you just need to install OData Services for TFS and configure TFS Monitor to use that URL.

The application is available on the Marketplace for free.

I’ve done some digging and found a presentation from one of it’s authors on slideshare.

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