Bootstrapping my blog. Round III

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This is my third attempt to start blogging regularly.

I’ve started blogging in 2004 in the blogging platform. A blogging platform started by Scott Watermasysk using his .Text project, that later has been passed to Microsoft (and used as the showcase for Telling Community Server), there i kept my blogging pace at a regular level (although irregular)

When i become a founding partner at Agilior, it made sense to blog under the company wing, as (poor man) marketing  campaign (one of the many cheap tactics we used):-) .

Since it has never never been our intention or strategy that the company and the founding partners were perceived as  synonyms (that inevitably happened in the beginning. But we fought hard to dismiss that perception and I think we somehow succeeded).

So now I’m reclaiming my identity back and will start blogging under my own bran (ironic that I objectify myself, when I’m a critic off marketers that treat people as numbers and objects :-)).

Let’s see how this goes and if i can now blog more regularly.