ALM Rangers shipped Lab Management Guide

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The ALM Rangers Lab Management Guide has gone gold and the RTM version has been released into the wild.

This project is a huge resource if you want to learn more about lab management and all of it’s related features.

Not only it contains hands on guidance (planning, setup, configuration and usage), but it also contains hands on labs that can take you up to speed to lab management in an easy way.

You can read it more about it here on Rangers blog announcement post or the project table of content blog post or if you are in an hurry you can go directly to the project site on codeplex ( to get the bits.

The Team on this project

Adimulam Sudheer, Akhil Walia, Bijan Javidi, Brian Minisi, Bob Hardister, Chris Burrows, Christian Nielsen, Ewald Hofman, Francisco Fagas, Giulio Vian, Harish Reddy Kothapalli, Hassan Fadili, Jahangeer Mohammed, Kris Lankford, Mark Nichols, Mathias Olausson, Micheal Learned, Pål Bendiksen, Patricia Wagner, Paul Meyer, Pieter Gheysens, Richard Florance, Rui Melo, Siraj Syed, Sven Hubert, Thomas Schissler, Tony Feissle, Vijay Machiraju, Willy-Peter Schaub, Zayd Kara

Apologies from some unlinked persons.