Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version 0.6.1 released

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TL;DR This is mainly a minor release for bug fixing (with a minor feature added as bonus).

New release of my Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer (previous versions 0.6 , 0.5 , 0.4 , 0.3 , 02   and 0.1 ).

Let’s just start with standard disclaimerSmile

This extension uses undocumented TFS mechanisms, this means there is a risk (which I’m not able to quantify) it will stop working in the future with new TFS releases or updates . If that happens, the fact that the extension no longer works, it will be my sole responsibility and not of Microsoft.

The TFS Board Enhancer is a TFS Web Access extension, that adds extra capabilities to the TFS Task Board and the TFS Kanban board.

  • Allows you to see the work item ids on the board (without having to open the editor),
  • Allows you to auto refresh the board at a fixed interval (to be used on unattended wall boards for example), auto scroll the board, so you can see the whole board without having to scroll manually (also to be used on unattended wall boards),
  • Expand/collapse all requirements (or whatever your process template calls then, PBIs, user stories,…)
  • maximize your workspace by removing unneeded clutter from the screen.
  • Show the state on your requirement
  • Hide/Collapse closed requirements
  • Remembers your settings between uses


This minor version has been released, because a small number of people complained the board wasn’t loading with an error. This happened only in Internet Explorer 10. Although I couldn’t reproduce the issue on my environment, with the reports I have received I think I have been able to solve the issue. At least the people who were having issues, have been using this version successfully without any issues reported so far.

Since I was already adding features for what would be released as version 0.7, I’ve also included in this release a very small feature.

If you are using a process template (for example the Scrum template) (or have configured you process template) that has more than one work item type in the requirements category and your board contains has than one work item type (eg: product backlog item and bug) then the work item type is shown below it’s state.

If you wish to know more about adding other work item types in the requirements category so they appear on your backlog and in the task board, you can read more about it on the Subtle MSF Agile Enhancement: Adding Bugs to the Backlogs post.

Download version 0.6.1 of the extension

if you have doubts how to install it, it’s fully explained in a previous post Team Foundation Task Board: Auto Refresh