Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version 2.6.2 released (for update 2 only)

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TL;DR This is an update release to make it work with the changes introduced in update 2 (it only works with TFS 2012 Update 2, doesn’t work on previous version). No new features, doesn’t work on any TFS version besides update 2

New release of my Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer (previous versions 0.6.1, 0.6 , 0.5 , 0.4 , 0.3 , 02 and 0.1 ).

Let’s just start with standard disclaimerSmile

This extension uses undocumented TFS mechanisms, this means there is a risk (which I’m not able to quantify) it will stop working in the future with new TFS releases or updates . If that happens, the fact that the extension no longer works, it will be my sole responsibility and not of Microsoft.

I have been introducing this disclaimer since I a few versions, I knew this time could come, and indeed it has. I’ve had some reports that TFS Update 2 CTP 4 broke Task Board Enhancer.

I’ve rewrote some parts of Task Board Enhancer to adapt to changes that have been introduced with Update 2.

I’ve tested the changes against Update 2 CTP 4 and everything seems to working fine against it. Final version of Update 2 hasn’t been released yet, but I believe it will also work without fine. (hopefully, if not I will chase the changes and update TBE againSmile ).

I haven’t done extensive testing but I handled some copies privately and no issues have been reported (besides a small glitch on IE 9 which I couldn’t reproduce).

Let me know if you have any issues with it.

To be clear this version ONLY works on update 2. It doesn’t work with TFS 2012 or TFS 2012 Update 1 for those you should use version 0.6.1.

I’ve also bumped version to 2.6.2 (as opposed to 0.6.2) to be clear it only works with update 2.

Download version 2.6.2 of the extension

if you have doubts how to install it, it’s fully explained in a previous post Team Foundation Task Board: Auto Refresh