Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version 2.7.7 released


New release of my Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer (previous versions ., .7, 2.6.2 (update2 only), 0.6.1, 0.6 , 0.5 , 0.4 , 0.3 , 02 and 0.1 ).

If you want to know what is Task Board Enhancer or want to see the full list of features, head on to the Task Board Enhancer page


This version only works on TFS 2012 with update 2 or update 3 installed, TFS 2012 (RTM or with Update 1) is no longer supported (you can still use version 0.7.6).

Based on the analysis on the downloads, there is now a big gap between version 2.x.x and 0.x.x version downloads and added to the fact that maintaining four different codebases takes quite some time (for something I’m doing on the free time that I do not have) so I’ve decided to drop versions support for TFS 2012 RTM (or update 1).

New Features in this release

This is mainly a bug fixing release.

I’ve only added a minor feature, it is now possible to display the user to which a requirement (product backlog item,….) is assigned to.


This feature is configurable and it’s disabled by default. You can enable it on the preferences window


Besides this feature I’ve fixed the following bugs

  • If pictures are enabled and a card has an assigned member it’s not possible to enter unassigned – If a card was assigned to an user and the show user images feature is enabled, then it wouldn’t be possible to set (on the card itself) the value to unassigned
  • When moving between team members and stories the id and state of the requirement are lost – If you switch the view to team members and then switch back to backlog items then the id and state was not visible on the requirements anymore.
  • In IE (8 and 9) when there is a large number of tasks the ids are not shown on all of them –If there was a large number of work items on the board (> 250) then on some browsers (I’ve could only reproduce it on IE8 but I’ve got some reports on IE9 also) only half of the cards would have their IDs displayed. I believe this also fixes some issues that have been reported (but I could never reproduce it) where sometimes the board failed to load on first attempt (a reload work work) on some versions of Internet Explorer



This version only works on TFS 2012 with update 2 or 3, there is no version for TFS 2012 (RTM or Update 1)

For Update 2 and upwards Download version 2.7.7 of the extension

24 thoughts to “Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version 2.7.7 released”

  1. I found a bug.
    IE v9.0.8112.16421 (co standard)

    Repro steps:
    1. Nav to Work tab (defaults to Backlog sub tab)
    2. Click on Board sub tab

    Addon enhancements not working. I have to click on the Board sub tab link a second time to get the Addon enhancements to work.

    Enhancements of addon to show/work.

    1. Just to make sure i don’t miss anything. When you say the Work tab, you mean “Work Items” tab?

      If you open the javascript console (before navigating) do see any errors on the console after the click to “Board” doesn’t activate the enhancer?

      Which version of TFS are you using?


    2. Hey,

      I have a related bug whenever the enhancer is not loaded (happens from time to time, not yet found when).
      Everytime you want to update an item, you get “Unable to get value of the property ‘payload’: object is null or undefined.
      It was in the previous version but still in the latest verion too.

      1. I believe i have found the reason for this.

        If you want I may send you a beta version which i think fixes this issue.


        1. That’s fine by me.
          Or if you want to bundle this with a next release, it’s fine too. We can wait.
          It’s not blocking, just wanted to inform you.

          1. Hey, I’m sorry to notify you. Yesterday I installed the new version (2.7.8) and it is worse. The enhancer:
            – doesn’t load most of the time
            – gives this message if it loads: “Unable to get value of the property ‘length’: object is null or undefined”

            I didn’t know if I needed to post this here in the same thread or if I need to post it in the 2.7.8 thread.

          2. that is very unfortunate.

            if you dont mind i will contact you by email to try to get more details to see if i can understand the problem.

  2. I think it used to be that your debug and min files differed which allowed for easy customizations of your customization. This is great when working at a large organization where I cannot get everyone to agree to everything, even smaller things. If there is anyway you could bring this back it would be great. Looking at minified js hurts me. 👿

  3. Hi Tiago,

    First of all, I am very glad with your extension. If fills some missing things at the taskboard.

    I found a bug, if you refresh the browser, the workitem-id disappears. It only comes back if you leave the board and re-activate it.

    I also have a request, is it possible to show the activity?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Which TFS and browser version are you using?

      This happens on task board or the banban board?

      If you open the javascript console do you see any error there?


      1. Hi Tiago,

        I was off for some days, so a little late reaction.

        We use TFS 2012, and it happened in IE 10 on windows 7-64. It was on the task board.

        I just tried some other browser (ff/chrome), it did not appear there, so I assumed it to be a IE-problem. I just tried and it did not happen anymore, very strange, but if it happens again, I’ll collect as much information as possible for you. For now I’m satisfied again (especially if you can show the activity).
        Thank you,

  4. Hi Tiago,

    When I install the extension I get every time at the board: Module ‘Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer’ cannot be loaded.

    I’ve tried installing through Firefox and IE. I get the error in Firefox, IE and Chrome. Previous versions like 2.7.6 and 2.7.5 generate the same error.

    We use TFS 2012 update 3.

    Any ideas how to fix?

    1. That is very strange.

      Can you check (chrome is the easiest) on the developer tools in the network section if a file called Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer.min.js has been loaded? (and without errors)

      Are you sure it’s an update 3 version?

      1. Hi Tiago,

        Yes, the file is loaded from

        TFS version is 11.0.50727.1. I installed update3 5 days ago.

        Got a bit of a stacktrace here:

        Error: Module ‘Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer’ cannot be loaded. This may be due to lost connectivity or an incomplete or corrupted download of the file. Try refreshing your browser or clearing your browser cache to retrieve the file again.
        at Function.Error.create (
        at HTMLScriptElement.h.onload.h.onreadystatechange (

        Any ideas?

        Thank you!

        1. It seems you either have an old file cached or the file is not being fully transmitted to the client.

          Which is strange since installing the new version should have changed the files location.

          Can you try Control F5 on the browser to force a refresh or empty the browser cache? (the first one should be enough)

  5. Your extension has a few really handy features, thanks for publishing. However I do find that I see “errors” from time to time and have to either force refresh the task board page or disable/re-enable the extension to make these go away.

    Also I am looking for a feature to help show different “types” of tasks with different colors on the task board. i.e. Test Tasks are green while Product Dev Tasks are blue.

    Type could be defined with an optional field (preferred) or a whole different work item type.

    1. Thanks.

      Renabling/enabling the extension should have no effect on those issues.

      That said, I’ve never been able to reproduce these problems so it’s very hard for me to fix them.

      I have been making some changes on that field and hopefully the next version fixes those intermittent problems.

      I’m thinking about a proper way of implementing the coloring features. I have a prototype which allows the user to control all sorts of things (including colors) however it’s not user friendly since it requires the user to write scripts.

      Not very friendly, so i’m thinking of a better way of doing it.

  6. Nice tool, very helpful.

    Unfortunately a problem with tags. Not critical as we don’t use tags extensively.

    Tag count shows correct value, but hover over shows “undefined”.

    No javascript errors near as I can tell.

    TFS2012 11.0.60610.1
    IE9, Chrome30

    1. Yes it’s a known bug on 2.7.8 :-( (already fixed)

      I’ve retracted that version.

      Will release a new one soon (just want to add one more feature :-))

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