TFS Work Item Tags: entering multiple tags in one swoop


Update 2 for TFS 2012 brought us Work Item tagging, work item tags allows users to add tags in a free format way.

Besides adding tags to work items


you can also filter backlog items by tags


while the current work item tags have yet to fill all their potential since there is still a lot that can be done in terms of features. Tags can only be added/edited/viewed in Web Access, you cannot query work items by tags (some people for example want to limit the tags a user can choose,something I think would be too limiting and it goes against the self organization of teams).

But today I want to talk you about a little trick I discovered last week. I’m I mainly a keyboard person, the less I have to touch the mouse the better.

Entering a tag, already seemed fast you enter a tag, you press enter and you can immediately enter a new tag.

But I accidentally discovered you can enter multiple tags in a single sweep. If you use a comma, it will be considered a separator and two (or more) tags will be created. This is even faster.



If you never heard or used work item tags, you can get a much more detailed description by Tarun Arora  on his blog post TFS2012 QU2 – New Feature – Work Item Tagging

5 thoughts to “TFS Work Item Tags: entering multiple tags in one swoop”

  1. Nice tip! Have you discovered any keyboard shortcuts with using TFS Web Access? I’ve found just a few (like Ctrl+S saves an open Work Item, ESC cancels out of an open Work Item), but I’m curious how many more there are. I have yet to find them documented anywhere.

    1. I don’t believe there are many more… (on top of my head can’t remember of any besides those two).

      I have some ideas on that regard, but still haven’t had the time to play with them. :-)

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