Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version 2.7.8 released

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[Update 16 Oct] I’ve decided to remove this version from the download since it has a few annoying bugs. I will release a fixed version next week]

New release of Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer

This version only works on TFS 2012 with update 2 or update 3 installed, TFS 2012 (RTM or with Update 1) is no longer supported (you can still use version 0.7.6).

New Features in this release

This is mainly a bug fixing release. It fixes two bugs and I’ve managed to sneak in a performance improvement.

For some people using Internet Explorer (I couldn’t reproduce it,that is was it took so long to fix) the extension wouldn’t be loaded. One user sent me enough trace information so I finally could figure it out. I hope this is fix is final.

The extension wouldn’t do anything if board was loaded directly in team members view (or reloaded). This has now been fixed (everything would work when switching from backlog items view to team members).

The extension now fetches much less data from the server it is hard to quantify the speed improvement this will bring, since it depends on the number of work items a board has and the amount of data they hold, but on extreme cases I’ve seen a 400x improvement (very extreme cases, but for median values 5-10x speed improvements seems to be the norm).

All these changes only affect the task board, they don’t impact the Kanban board.


[Update 16 Oct] This version has a few annoying bugs so I’ve decided to remove it. Expect a new version next week