A pre announcement for…

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On new years eve, I promised myself it was going to a calm year, so I could finished some stuff I had been working. By the first week of the year I had already committed to so much stuff, I immediately knew it was going to be a not so calm one.

In the meanwhile I was proved wrong, it went from not so calm to crazy status.

I still want to do a proper pre “launch”, but since I have so many things going (really cool stuff, that I can’t talk aboutSmile ), I want to do a pre announcement on something that I have been working on and off for last months.

It is the natural successor of my Task Board Enhancer. It can do everything that task board enhancer can (and a lot more) but for Visual Studio Online (and it can also work against TFS 2013 on premises).

Besides all the features of Task Board Enhancer, it also adds keyboard navigation and adds some tricks to the team home page.

While in Redmond last November, I was moving between buildings for a meeting, when Charles Sterling said “let’s just make a small stop to record an interview”. My meeting was in 15 minutes, so there wasn’t that much time. Adam Cogan did a very quick interview (one shot, no cuts, no editingSmile ) where I explained what VSO Enhancer was and some of the features it has.

You can watch the interview on SSW TV to get a quick idea what VSO Enhancer is.

If you want to test, you can head up to VSO Enhancer and install it.

For now there is only a chrome version, that you can get from the Chrome store. I also have an Internet Explorer version, but it lacks an installer so I haven’t released it yet.

Sorry for not having time to make a more thorough post and hope you find VSO Enhancer useful.