Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version .8.1 released


[Update: 24 March] Found a minor bug in (requirement colors were not being shown) so version has been released (no announcement)

Download version of the extension

New release of Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer

This is a very minor release, it brings a new feature and support for TFS 2013 Update 2 (release candidate)

New Features in this release

Show requirements execution summary

In the taskboard, under your sprint details you can now see a summary of the completed requirements.


(when I say requirements, it means work items in the requirement category (the first column on the task board). For Example Product Backlog Items for Scrum or User Stories in MSF.

The shown value, is not related to the effort spent on the tasks, but the effort related to the work items in the requirements category.

For example in Scrum it’s the Effort field


whereas in MSF Agile it’s the Story Points field


The summary shows how many points (let’s call it that for simplification purposes) have been already completed out of the total points for this sprint.

Support for TFS 2013 Update 2 (release candidate)

Two weeks ago Release Candidate for TFS 2013 was released it is not the final release, but it has a go-live license, which means it is fully supported and you can use it on production environments.

Update 2, introduced some minor internal changes and this release has adapted to them. If you want to use task board enhancer on Update 2, you will need to install this version.

If you were using VSO Enhancer you would need to upgrade anything everything is taken cared automatically, update 2 was supported even before it was released. Smile


TFS 2012 Update 2 and upwards

This version only works on TFS 2012 with update 2 or 3, there is no support for for TFS 2012 (RTM or Update 1) in this release. (you can still use the older version though)

For Update 2 and upwards Download version of the extension

TFS 2013

This version works with TFS 2013 RTM

[Update: 24 March] Found a minor bug in (requirement colors were not being shown) so version has been released (no announcement)

Download version of the extension

Download version of the extension

38 thoughts to “Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer: version .8.1 released”

  1. There seems to be a problem with showing colors for work items in the requirement category on the task board after applying this version on TFS2013. When viewing the task board for the current iteration the color looks fine, but if you switch to a future iteration it disappears, and remains gone when switching back to the current iteration. This was working correctly in the previous 8.0 version.

      1. 2013 RTM, we haven’t applied update 2 yet, but are planning to within the week. We have tested the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IE10.

        One extra note, for IE10, it seems to have an overlap issue when showing the new requirements summary. Works fine in Chrome, not sure about Firefox.

        1. That overlapping issue is a problema in IE.

          Does the problema still occurr if you disable vídeo graphics aceleration?

          1. The windows settings for graphics acceleration are disabled and I can’t find an option in drivers tools. I have this problem on Win8 and Win2008R2. Those are just my machines, but others on my team see the same result.

          2. Thanks for the updated release for the colors. I’ll get it applied today and let you know if we have any problems.

        2. Previously misread your statement about the overlapping issue,thought it was another issue.

          Will take a look at it.

          1. The update has been applied, and it is better. Strange behavior though. If I go to the next future iteration, colors are good, and same with when I go back to the current. But, when I go ahead 2 or three iterations, those specific iterations have no color. The current, and next don’t loose their color through like before.

          2. That is the stranges thing i’ve ever heard. Well not really, but pretty strange. :-)

            There are no second class iterations. :-) I will try to repro that behaviour.

            When you go back to the previous iterations the colors are there?

  2. Hi Tiago,
    I use a customized MSF agile templates, in which both “bug” and “user story” work items belong to the requirement category.
    In the taskboard though, the colors are not shown (the work item type is shown).
    I can see colors in other team projects using Scrum template.
    Is this configurable?


    1. It is indepedent of the process template.

      As long they are both in the requirements category it should just work.

      Do colors appear on the backlog?

      Are the work item type names being shown in the First column? (I assume this is happening on the task board)

      Which version are using?

      There appears to be a bug in 8.1 with coloring, I’m investigating it.

      1. I didn’t noticed you answered my previous question…
        I’using the latest version (.8.1).
        Colors are shown in backlog and work item names are shown in the taskboard.
        As I said, the first time I go to a taskboard colors are shown, the problem arises when I go back to the page, after navigating to other pages.
        I’ve tested with chrome and IE 10.

          1. Wow, thanks a lot!!!
            My scrum teams are going to love this update!

            My scrum master is also asking if you could show the story points for each US/PBI, in the sprint task board. This would be extremely useful because the taskboard would contain all the info a team needs, without having to switch to the backlog view during the sprint.
            It would be also nice to make more room for the US/PBI, since there are a lot of information shown now.


          2. I will add the feature to the backlog (will need to figure out a way place them under an already crammed requirements).

            How are you expecting to have more room available? by increasing the height of the lanes?

          3. Hi Tiago,
            I would put the Story Points Info just before the state (ie 5 – Closed)
            or before the rolled-up remaining hours (ie 5 – 16h).
            As to increasing space my scrum master would like to enlarge the width of the column.


          4. Will have to think about that.

            While your suggestions work, you have to know about it otherwise they are non obvious (it would help if effort had a unit or an universal worth to define it).

            It is a problem I already had (have) with the effort sumary

  3. Hi Tiago,
    after several tests, I can reproduce the following behaviour: the first time I go to the taskboard colors are shown correctly, regardless of the process template used. Whenever I change page and go back to the taskboard colors are not shown anymore.
    It’s a pity because this feature is very useful…


  4. Hi,

    We have just upgraded to TFS 2013.2 and the thumbnail images shown (instead of using names) on the tasks suddenly become very wide (and aspect ratio very strange).

    The images are not square anymore, but is instead filling almost the complete width of the task and is overlapping the “time remaining” in the left corner. Te height of the image is still correct though.

    We were using version of your plug-in before so I thought upgrade to would help, but this makes no difference.

    I have tested this in Chrome, Firefox and IE also on three different computers.

    Please help here.

    1. I will try to repro it. First time i’ve heard this complain.

      Does this happen with all profile images or just some user profile images?


      1. This problem happens with all profile images for all users.

        I am not used to TFS debugging so please guide in on how I can provide additional debugging info.

  5. :smile: , Im having trouble following the debug code in your extension. I’ve been trying to create an extension to hide the committed items from the backlog like you are doing with the on and off filters but, it appears that the divs that are created are rendered with ~absolute positioning.
    Do you know how I could jack into the rendering of each grid row before it gets rendered to say dont render this? Please let me know. What I have works but as soon as you scroll down or up items reappear and the grid gutters are staying visible… any pointers would be appreciated.

    1. I have been working on that, but it’s still a very early version.

      The content keeps getting re rendered on a lot of conditions, it’s not as easy as it seems. :-)

      1. I understand. couldn’t we hook on to the scrollbar events to know that calls to render the rows occurred and maybe get the ref to those functions and wrap them in our own function so we know when they are complete? then once complete … hmmm? or just replace the calls or filter the data before the rendering begins

        1. I still haven’t finished analyzing all things that effect re rendering.

          I don’t think it’s not as complicated as you are assuming, but still not simple and linear

          1. Maybe modify(remove rows from) the data collection before the rendering it out code runs, I saw another tfs web access plugin do something like that.

          2. Depending on timed execution of code is not as simple as it seems. :-)

            Unless I’m missing something here.

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