VSO Enhancer support for the new User Voice Visual Studio Online Integration

1 minute read


One of the recent announcements at today’s Teched North America keynote, was a new integration between UserVoice and Visual Studio Online.

This new integration enables the creation of work items associated with uservoice suggestions without having to leave uservoice

From inside uservoice’s backoffice you can see which suggestions are linked to work items

Comments on both uservoice and VSO will be synched to the other side

This integration is still in beta (sorry no direct link, just click on Visual Studio). Visualstudio.com has details how to set up

But this post is mainly not about that integration. It’s about a VSO Enhancer new feature that enables you to easily visualize on work item that are linked to a uservoice suggestion on the Visual Studio Online boards (both kanban and task board) without opening the work item one by one.

If you have a work item on the board that is linked to a uservoice suggestion, you will see on the card (or on the requirement/bug in case of the task board) a little uservoice icon.


Clicking on the icon, will open a new window to the uservoice suggestion on uservoice’s site.

Off course this feature is optional and can be enabled/disabled on a team by team basis.