VSO Enhancer support for the new User Voice Visual Studio Online Integration


One of the recent announcements at today’s Teched North America keynote, was a new integration between UserVoice and Visual Studio Online.

This new integration enables the creation of work items associated with uservoice suggestions without having to leave uservoice


From inside uservoice’s backoffice you can see which suggestions are linked to work items


Comments on both uservoice and VSO will be synched to the other side


This integration is still in beta (sorry no direct link, just click on Visual Studio). Visualstudio.com has details how to set up

But this post is mainly not about that integration. It’s about a VSO Enhancer new feature that enables you to easily visualize on work item that are linked to a uservoice suggestion on the Visual Studio Online boards (both kanban and task board) without opening the work item one by one.

If you have a work item on the board that is linked to a uservoice suggestion, you will see on the card (or on the requirement/bug in case of the task board) a little uservoice icon.



Clicking on the icon, will open a new window to the uservoice suggestion on uservoice’s site.

Off course this feature is optional and can be enabled/disabled on a team by team basis.


10 thoughts to “VSO Enhancer support for the new User Voice Visual Studio Online Integration”

  1. Hi,
    This rocks :). I wasn’t able to find the settings page when I installed this the other day, but stumbled across it accidentally today. Perhaps a VSOEnhancer icon would help as well as a tooltip that references VSOEnhancer rather than just ‘Settings’.

    1. Currently the icon is shared with the task board enhancer (http://pascoal.net/task-board-enhancer/) I’m not sure if changing the settings with VSO icon wouldn’t make things more confusing.

      The icon is already hard to read on chrome toolbar, on the pages UI it would be probably unreadable.

      But i will add a backlog item to improve the experience (the tooltip at least)

  2. Hi again,
    It would be great to see a uservoice site for the enhancer, for bug reports / suggestions / requests.

    In the mean time,
    Bug report: VSO Enhance prompts me to login regularly. I’m not sure why, but it’s frustrating.
    Feature request:
    enhance the sprint backlog tab by allowing me to hide done work items in the list

    1. I have thought about it, but have been delaying it for several reasons.

      Can you explain the frequency of regularly? It shouldn’t prompt more than once a day.

      Are you by any chance deleting cookies?

      Enhancing the backlog is on the backlog, have been working on that but progress has been slow.

      1. On using this much more, the daily login is a bit frustrating. I often access VSO from more than one machine (host / several vms / remote machines). Is there any way that you could reduce this? It’s a papercut.

        1. Is it asking for credentials or just asking for a login which happens automatically?

          I will give some thought about this one.

          1. Just the process of manually click and refresh. It would be nice to auth me once, store some auth key forever and not popup a window again.

  3. By regularly I meant when I hit it the first time each day. I’m pretty sure I’m not deleting cookies on chrome, but I’ll keep that in mind. It’s a papercut annoyance, not in anyway critical. Haven’t really diagnosed as I’m using it on a client site (so it’s lowest priority while I’m there and not a problem while I’m not)

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