GitHub Codespaces: Developing GUI Applications 1/3

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GitHub Codespaces allows you to develop in the cloud, with a fully featured development environment that is spun up in seconds. It is a great way to develop your applications without having to install anything on your machine and have a consistent development environment across your team without having to worry about it.

You can develop just using a browser or you can use one of the supported IDEs (VS Code or Jet Brains IDEs) running on your desktop or even an SSH connection.

But what if you want to develop a GUI application? How can you run it on the cloud since it’s a headless environment? Well, at first glance, you can’t. But it’s possible, and I will show you how to do it in two different ways.

This started as a single post, but due to its size I decided to split it into three posts:

Keep in mind that both options are not mutually exclusive. You can use both at the same time.

Customizing Codespaces

If you are not familiar with Codespaces customization head up to Introduction to dev containers to learn how to customize the Codespaces environment by adding a devcontainer.json file to your repository or just skip to the posts, since they are enough to get you started.