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  1. I am glad to hear you have figured out the new stuff! We used your extension every day at our office, particularly useful was showing the ID number on the taskboard cards and on the User Stories. Such a simple thing saves us a lot of time. Thank you again for this project!

  2. We are currently using TFS 2013. Is there a time frame when the Task Board enhancer will be available for this release?
    Thank you

  3. I had the same question. :smile:

    Has any tried it? Does it not work or are there known issues?

    I might try and install it on my Dev TFS 2013 server to see what happens. 😯

  4. Recently found this add-on and like it a lot.
    The one thing I am missing the choice of hiding the ID of Tasks and Workitems.
    Is there a setting for this?

  5. A nice enhancement to the Kanban boards would be using the same idea you are using for showing the number of tags. On each item show an icon that indicates how many open child items it has in the task category. This would help the team figure out when looking at the Kanban board what work is left.
    Also another great enhancement, if possible, would be the ability to add a comment to the line in between each state change. This would then let a team add the meaning of done and it would be available every time the team looks at the board.

    1. Although the cards are getting a little crowded already a backlog item to add that information to the kanban board.

      Although I have thought about that notes features, currently (or better said, last time I checked) it’s not possible to store data that is available to the entire team.

      1. I agree that board is a little crowded, but unfortunately it is also missing information. When wanting to work Kanban, it is hard to tell where a story is at in completion without knowing what open tasks it still has. Definitely don’t want to show them, hence the idea of the icon. Also cuts down on the amount of board switching that needs to currently occur.

  6. Brilliant plugin. Short of finding the documentation on how to extend the web portal myself, a useful additional feature would be the ability to filter the kanban board by sprint/iteration.

  7. Tiago,

    First of all, your extension is great! I’ve being using it for a long time and it really helps on my daily work.

    But I’ve found a simple bug on the kanban board. When you have lots of workitems, some of them just stop having all the enhacements of your extension. For example the tag counter, of the workitem id. When the amount of workitems decreases as we move to release, the extension works again.

    You can see a screenshot here

    1. Thanks.

      Going to try to repro it.

      What is the TFS version and the Task board enhancer version?


  8. Hi Tiago,

    we are using TFS 2013.2 and i have downloaded Download version of the extension and i am using this tool and it looks good.

    now i need one help.

    I want see one field in Task card in the task board.

    Can you please help me in this, say for ex: effort spent i want to see in the task card.


    1. Currently there is no way to customize the text of a card.

      Perhaps it is something i can be possible in the future.

  9. Hi Tiago,

    Sorry i mentioned wrong download version:
    this is the one i have installed:
    For TFS 2013 Download version of the extension


  10. Hi Tiago,

    Greate extension!! thanks a lot,

    I have a question about the colour of the kanban board cards. Is it possible to have different colourin each card depending on a specific field value in the task?

    Best Regrads


  11. Thank you for your response!

    Hihi, the backlog is not so big, we just want to distiguish between different users tasks, and the type of the tasks, maintenance, project or administration :)


    1. My backlog I meant. :-)

      I want to make it configurable thought. If i made it specific to a field it will be a little limiting.

      1. Ah! I see :)
        I wonder how to make this happen, is there any file to make changes to using the witadmin commands, or can I do it using the GUI?

  12. Hi! I love this extension!

    However I have a problem with the user image feature. Some user names are not replaced by their image profile. Any idea?

    I’m using v12.0.8.4 in TFS 2013 RTM.

    Thank you!

  13. Hello Tiago,

    I love the add-in, but have found one issue (while using TFS2013 Update 3). The use of the “Blocked” tag works great, but only if it is the first tag that appears on the work item. If another tag precedes it, (like “Apple”), then the card does not bet the visual indicators that it’s blocked.

    I thought you’d like to know that the issue is out there so you can consider looking at it in future updates.


  14. Hi Tiago,
    Like everyone else, we love this extension. However, we wonder if you will have the upgrade version to work with TFS 2015?

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