Task Board Enhancer


What is Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer

This started as a simple exercise to explore Team Foundation Server extension capabilities, in the beginning it only displayed work item ids on the task board, then I started adding some features to be used exclusively as a team wall board, then some people started requesting features and things escalated pretty quickly from there until it was out of control.´´

The Task Board Enhancer, adds features to TFS existing task board and kanban board that can be used on a day by day basis making it use easier, but it also has some features that can be used in autonomous mode to make the entire board visible to the team as a wall board without requiring manual intervention.



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Don’t worry your email won’t be used for any other purpose than sending information about Task Board Enhancer


This extension uses undocumented TFS mechanisms, this means there is a risk (which I’m not able to quantify) it will stop working in the future with new TFS releases or updates . If that happens, the fact that the extension no longer works, it will be my sole responsibility and not of Microsoft.


Team Foundation Task Board Enhancer is free, as in free beer not speech.

It is NOT open source. You can download it and install it on as many Team Founder Server servers as you like (on premises version only).

There are NO WARRANTIES. None of any kind, you may use the software at your own risk.

Distribution or redistribution of this software is not permitted, you may not resell ,directly profit from it or make changes to provided software.

Any software that is distributed with the extension may have it’s own licensing.


Every time the word requirement is mentioned, it doesn’t mean the feature will only work with process template which have this work item type. The extension is process template agnostic, I’m simple referring to work item types that belong to the requirement category. (so this can mean the requirement work item type in CMMI or a Product Backlog Item in the Scrum template)

Show Work Item Ids

By showing the work item ids (either tasks or requirements) you can see it’s id without the need to open the work item.


Show Blocked Tasks/Requirements

If you are facing and impediment and marked a task or requirement as blocked, that will be immediately visible on the board, raising awareness of the problem to anyone.

A blocked task is more visible, since it has a larger red left border and a blocked icon on the top left corner.

A blocked requirement is more visible, since a red label (with the word Blocked) is shown above the requirement.


You can mark a work item as blocked, by setting the blocked field to true (fields with the Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Blocked reference name) or by setting a tag with a value meaning blocked. Since TFS supports five languages, I decided also to support the same five languages. If you add a tag with any of these values (regardless of TFS language) then the workitem will be considered blocked.

  • English – Blocked
  • German – Blockiert
  • Spanish – Bloqueado
  • French – bloqué
  • Italian – bloccato

This feature can be enabled/disabled. (enabled by default)

Show Tags Count

Show in the right corner of the card a count with the number of tags the work item has.

If you hover the counter, a tooltip will show you the tags (separated by commas).


You can read more about work item tags here

This feature can be enabled/disabled. (enabled by default)

The tags are shown on cards and on requirements

Show User Images Instead of Names on Cards

Some people prefer more visual things. This feature removes the name of the person to whom the task is assigned and replaces it with their user image.

This feature only works for team members, if a task is assigned to a person who is not a team member then the name is still shown.


This feature can be enabled/disabled. (disabled by default)

Show Requirement Work Item Type

If the board contains more than work item type in the requirements then it’s work item type is show, below the requirement (for example if have a process template that defines both user story and bug as a requirement type).


This feature only works on the task board.

Show the (kanban) State of a Requirement

This feature shows the state of a requirement. This enables you to quickly see the state of a given requirement, this helps to quickly identify which requirements are done (for example even if all tasks have finished, it doesn’t mean the requirement has been closed/resolved).

But it’s the state with a twist, it’s not the state of the work item, but the kanban state. If you are using the kanban board and customized the columns, the work item state in the kanban board will be shown here.

This way you will be able to see the state right there on the board, without the need to open the kanban board.


Show the color of a work type type for requirements

Besides the work item type, a color is also shown on the right side of the requirement for easier view of the work item type in the requirements category


NOTE: The color and the work type type are only shown if process template has more than one work item types in the requirement category.

This feature only works on the task board.

Show the name of the user to which a requirement is assigned to

This features allows you to see the user name to which a requirement is assigned to.


This feature can be enabled/disabled. (disabled by default)

This feature only works on the task board.

This feature is only available on version 2.7.6

Expand/Collapse all Requirements

TFS provides out of the box the capability of expanding/collapsing a requirement, allowing you to hide or show all tasks that are children of a given requirement. The taskboard enhancer expands this feature and allows you to expand/collapse all requirements at once.

The task board enhancer adds two buttons to the toolbar to allow the user to easily expand/collapse all requirements.


This feature only works on the task board.

Collapse/Hide Done Requirements

If you have a large number of requirements, as you progress through the sprint the finished requirements (done,done) might be seem as noise. This feature adds a configurable filter that allows you to automatically collapse or hide the requirements that are already done.

The filter has three options “show” (default value) in which closed requirements are visible (and expanded), “hide” in which closed requirements (they will be totally invisible) or “collapse” in which closed requirements will be visible but automatically collapsed so they get less in the way by making them less prominent.

The name of filter is dependent on the process template of the team project, it is composed by the closed state (closed on CMMI, done on Scrum and MSF Agile) and the name of the requirement on the process template (Requirement, backlog item or stories for example).

image_thumb4[6] image_thumb3


If there is enough space, the filter will also show a counter with the number of closed requirements.

This feature only works on the task board.

Show requirements execution summary

In the taskboard, under your sprint details you can see a summary of the completed requirements.


(when I say requirements, it means work items in the requirement category (the first column on the task board). For Example Product Backlog Items for Scrum or User Stories in MSF.

The shown value, is not related to the effort spent on the tasks, but the effort related to the work items in the requirements category.

For example in Scrum it’s the Effort field


whereas in MSF Agile it’s the Story Points field


The summary shows how many points (let’s call it that for simplification purposes) have been already completed out of the total points for this sprint.

This feature is only available on the task board.

Maximize Workspace

Since in an unattended scenario,  we are mainly interested in viewing the task board itself, it would be interesting to remove the clutter from the screen and only see the task board itself, this is exactly what this feature does.


If you activate it, it removes the hubs entries (Home, Work,…) and the second level tab.

Auto Refresh

Automatically refresh the board at a predetermined rate.

If the filter is enabled, it also shows how many seconds (countdown mode) until the next refresh is going to happen.



This feature is quite useful on a wallboard, allowing everyone to see an update board.

Auto Scroll

It is possible that the entire board is not visible on the screen (depends on the screen resolution and the number of requirements and tasks). If that is the case this feature allows the task board to be continually scrolled so the entire board is always visible (in chunks).

The speed of the scrolling can be controlled via the UI (half, full and double speed).


This feature is quite useful on a wallboard, allowing everyone to see the entire board without having to  manually scroll.

Configurable Preferences per User

A user can configure his own preferences, how the enhancements behaves and which filters are visible


The preferences are preserved across calls and are remembered if the user closes the browser. The preferences are done on a team by team basis and are stored locally on the browser. So if you switch browsers or machines the preferences will not follow you.

As you can can see on the image above, the preferences have two groups. The settings in which you can configure if a given feature is enabled or disabled and the filters, in which you can configure which filters will be visible (see image below) for selection.


The preferences can be triggered on the preferences icon available on the toolbar


Remembers settings between uses

If you change a filter value, the value will be remembered, when you return to the board the last filters you set will be there. The filter values are persisted locally on your browser on a team basis. If you switch to a different browser or to another machine the values will not be there.


Query Parameters

Since one of the usage scenarios of this extensions is to be used in an unattended mode, if though it remembers parameters, most features can be enabled/disabled by passing query string parameters (and some parameters can only be defined by query string since they are not available at the UI level)

These are the parameters you can use

Parameter Description
_tspRefresh Enables auto refresh.
Set value to 1 to enable it.
_tspScroll Enable auto scroll.
Set the value to the speed factor you wish (eg: 1 regular speed, 2 twice the speed, 0.5 half the speed).
_tspRefreshInterval The refresh (in seconds) in which the page will be auto refreshed (the default value is 30 seconds)

Filter done requirements. The possible values are

  • H to hide done requirements
  • C to collapse done requirements
_tspMaximize Maximize screen real estate.
Set the value to 1 to maximize
_tspSkipBlocked Do not show blocked tasks/requirements.
set the value to anything and the blocked status will not be shown
_tspShowUser Show user images instead of their names.
You can pass any value

The parameters always have precedence over saved filter values and preferences.


The latest version is available at

For TFS 2015 Update 2/3 Download version of the extension

For TFS 2015 Update 1 Download version of the extension

For TFS 2015 Download version of the extension

For TFS 2013 Download version of the extension

For TFS 2012 Update 2 and upwards Download version of the extension

For TFS RTM 2012 RTM and Update 1  Download version of the extension (support for RTM and Update 1 has stopped on version 0.7.6. version 0.7.7 was released to fix a security issue)


To install it, to go the admin page , by clicking on the cog icon (FIGURE 1)


Select the instance by clicking on “control Panel”


Then click on the extensions tab


Click on the cross to upload the extension zip file.


After the upload is done, you will need to enable the extension by clicking on the enable button.


To see the result, just go to a board (you may need to press control F5 to force a full refresh of the javascript for the first time).


Release History

History of all released version

Version x.8.3

Version x.8.1

Version x.8.0

Version 2.7.9

Version 2.7.8 (I’ve decided to removed this version. It has a few bugs, while they are not showstoppers they are annoying. For now stick with version 2.7.7)

Version 2.7.7

Version x.7.6

Version x.7.5

Version x.7

Version 2.6.2 (TFS 2012 update 2 only)

Version 0.6.1

Version 0.6

Version 0.5

Version 0.4

Version 0.3

Version 0.2

Version 0.1

279 thoughts to “Task Board Enhancer”

  1. I love this extension. You have done a really good job. I was wondering if there is a way to change the color of items on the board based on the work item type. for example, bugs would be pink and tasks would be blue and test cases would be green, etc…


        1. I’m sorry.

          I’m not going to replicate a functionality that is already provided by Microsoft at a later version.

    1. I love thsi extension. We have used it extensively in 2010 and 2013.. We are trying to add to 2015 but TFS will only accept a vsix file. Anyone else having similar issues?

  2. Tiago – I think the feature of color coding is on the backlog view, not in the board. The board is not color coded? or is it?

  3. Thanks for all the development on this extension Tiago, it is working really well for us. The only question I have is about showing blocked tasks. We are based on the agile template rather than the scrum one so blocks are done via issues not impediments. Is there a way to show tasks with issues as red too?

    1. You can customize the process template to add the Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Blocked field to the requirement/task so they appear as blocked.

      1. Hmmm, ok – you make that sound like it should be easy!!! lol

        I will take a look around and see what I can find. Thanks for the quick reply 😛

  4. Nice extension! Would it be possible to add a filter for tags (or group by tags) so we can control which items are displayed on the board?

      1. Why do you need to make changes to your plug-in each time there’s a new TFS version? Do they change things so much?

        If there’s any way I (or the community) can help to get the plug-in working on 2013, please say so. Since I upgraded our server 2013RC the other team members are asking me a couple of times a day when I’m getting the new plug-in, since we really started depending on its functionality (especially during stand-ups)!

        Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this, it’s much appreciated.

        1. The extensability mechanism is not supported, therefore it is normal that the implementation changes between versions and the extension get broken.

          At this point in time, i still haven’t decided about a version for TFS 2013

          Thanks for the kind words

          1. Hi Tiago,

            Have you given any more thought to 2013 support? We’re dying over here :)
            Stand-ups are markedly less efficient without your plug-in. We’d even be willing to pay for an update at this point.

  5. We recently started using the TFS 2012 Kanban board and the top 2 requests I received were to be able to see the work item IDs and the blocked tasks. This extension does exactly what we need!

    Thank you for all your hard work, there appears to be a lot of JavaScript to get this to work.

  6. Awesome extension. Immediately solves some of our issues.

    I have a feature request. A visual indicator on the board for those sprint backlog items that are bug WIT to differentiate them from product backlog item WIT. TF service does this in the product and sprint backlogs but not in the task board while TFS2012 has no indicator at all.

    You indicate this currently by displaying the work item type, but a color indicator would also be appreciated.



    1. Thanks.

      While this makes total sense (I’ve thought of implementing this in the past, in fact i have a prototype working, but it relied on some scripting, the user experience wasn’t all that good), I’m always weary of implementing functionality that are already in the product (in this case in 2013 and only on cards like you mention).

      On 2012 it has an added problem, the colors are not defined anywhere and I would have a user interface for it which would conflict with later versions.

      So it’s basically a dilemma for me. :-(

      But i’m curious would you want the color to fill the entire requirement background or just a little bar like on TF Service backlogs?

  7. If I install this and something breaks, can I uninstall it and revert changes? working on a customer’s TFS environment…

  8. Thanks Tiago for a great extension. We are using the Agile template and I had no issue getting the Blocked feature to work.

    The only thing I would really like is to be able to color code items based on the WorkItem’s type.

    I could see doing this 2 ways
    1) adding a Type field
    2) using different types of work items

    I would be happy to go either way, but ideally I would think people might want both. Sometimes you might want to put a type on a task – like Dev task, vs Test task vs. Documentation task

    Other times we might have other Work Item types – like Bugs on our task board and those should be differentiated too.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the feature more.

    1. TFS 2013 already has coloring (although it only supports color by work item type).

      Coloring is high on my list, still haven’t had the opportunity to tackle it.

      I built a prototype that allowed a very flexible scheme (not only of coloring, but also other things). It has very flexible, but also very user unfriendly it since it required users to use scripting.

      In summary, it’s on my list but i don’t have an estimate for it. :-)

  9. Thanks Tiago for the fast response. Unfortunately migrating to TFS 2013 is likely out of the question since we just migrated to 2012 a few months ago. I would certainly use this feature in your extension if provided and scripting is not scary to me, its more important to have the ability.
    Let me know if you want to discuss the right balance of functionality and simplicity


  10. You write several places that you are considering coloring. Here is a tip: Our team was earlier using another version of a web based Scrum Dash board. On that they had made a very helpful function. The color of vertical bar was solid on the tasks that had been changed most recently, and then faded over the following days. That gave a fast overview over which tasks that was being worked on.

  11. On the dashboard on each task there is a very thin blue vertical line on the left side. The color of that line is very strong when that task has been updated recently. But already after one day, the color fades.

  12. I’ve try to make the package work on TFS 2013 RTM and succeed. I don’t know if Tiago allowed me to do that, but he’s ok then I can share with you guy

    1. Please don’t.

      It is against the licensing (partial quote)

      Distribution or redistribution of this software is not permitted, you may not resell ,directly profit from it or make changes to provided software.

      1. Were excited to hear that the Enhancer works on Tfs 2013. As Dzung Le said. When can we expect a release??? We migtaed over a month ago and miss these features.

        1. I don’t commit to dates when it cames to releases :-)

          But you can expect it soon (interpretation of soon may vary from people to people )

          1. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! We are no Using the Enhancer on TFS 2013. I will be testing out your new VSO Enhancer as well. Great Job!!

  13. I love this TFS extension, look forward to a 2013 version of it!

    Ran into a problem with version 2.7.9 on TFS 2012 Update 3. Work item IDs dont show on the Kanban board unless you first open a work item and then only on that specific work item. Refreshing the page makes all IDs go away :sad:

    Installing version 2.7.7 solved the problem 😀

      1. Hi! Exactly the same problem. TFS 2012 Update 4. Rollback to ver.2.7.7 solved problem.
        For test tfs environment (identical) on same project (WIT Bug, PBI same) great work, but on production environment dont have IDs on Product Backlog board. Different tasks (PBI, Bug) set on board.
        May be the case in the specific field values, ie. to. the last tile in the status of “Done” IDs have.
        No anyfing JS error on the console.

  14. Thank you very much for this extension. It really adds great value to the TFS task board.

    I have an additional request, maybe other users would like to see this feature, too:
    Is it possible, to collapse not only finished backlog items but also backlog items which have all their tasks set to finished?

    Kind regards

      1. Hmmm… I don’t know about the scrum process in other companies, but our PBIs are closed in the scrum sprint meeting, when the product owner accepts them as “done”.

  15. Thanks for adding support for TFS 2013, would love to see if possible changing the colour of the tasks on the task board based on the task activity. 😀


      1. Is this feature available in VS2013? I have searched every where and also downloaded task board enhancer but couldn’t change the color of task board based on the task activity. I would love have this feature enabled as well.

          1. I am keen on getting this feature as well an really like the extension thus far, is there a time-scale on this at all? You mentioned it was high priority?

    1. Item types in 2012 (requirements category) are already colored (if the board contains more than one work item type).

      I’m missing something?

    1. On the top bar. Fourth icon, on the right of refresh.

      Last screenshot on the section “Configurable Preferences per User” (the paper page icon)

  16. Thank you so much, your extension is simply awesome. A lot of learning material and I was just surprised how easy it is now to extend the TFS Dashboard.
    Great job, thank you!

    Raffaeu 😎

  17. I tried to install it on TFS 2013 but I still can’t see the expand/collapse and the preferences buttons. I’m using TFS2013 and the agile template. Am I missing something?

    1. Do you see anything at all?

      If you open the javascript console do you see any errors?

      Have you by any chance installed the 2012 version?

  18. Hi Tiago,
    in our TaskBoard we also see a lot of Backlog items.
    Could you please provide a hiding of those like the completed ones?

    1. I’m not sure if I understand you.

      You can now hide/colapse done backlog items.

      Or you can collapse all backlog items.

      Which ones do you want to hide? under which criteria?

  19. I installed it on tfs 2012. The items on the kanbam board are not in the proper swim lane. I have one pbi and bug that are done but not showing in the correct swimlane

    1. That is strange.

      The enhancer doesn’t touch the location of the cards.

      You say that if you disable the extension the cards are in other lanes?

  20. There seems to be a bug when there are many stories on the page.

    I have 46 stories on my Kanban board, and every time the page loads this error occurs:

    (full error text found at https://gist.github.com/anonymous/71e1b7899a6d1bf92e0f)

    Additionally, work item Id’s only appear on the first 35 items (counting all items in Queued before all items in Active, etc)

    Opening each one in the modal dialogue and then closing it (causing it to reload the id for just that item) works just fine. I’m assuming it’s running up against some kind of bulk load or rate limit issue.

    1. This happens against which version?

      Which browser are you using?

      Is this consistent or it just happens sometimes?

      I will try to repro it.

      But you are right, work items are loaded in batches (but much bigger batches) but detecting if the board is already loaded is tricky (it depends on client machine speed, the network and server speed. Lot of factors). :-(


  21. Hello,

    I must be missing something here – I’ve installed and enabled the very latest version, however I see no changes whatsoever to my existing task board..!

    Is there something else that I need to do to switch this bad boy on?? 😳

  22. Ok so I can see errors on the java script console as per below:

    DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=291337
    File: GP02
    HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
    File: GP02
    HTML1202: http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/Shared/Vessel%20Management/_backlogs/taskboard/GP02 is running in Compatibility View because ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility View’ is checked.
    File: GP02
    TypeError: Unable to get property ‘Common’ of undefined or null reference
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/tfs/_plugins/2420/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer.js:2:9822)
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/corejs?v=_MSFW4OfdCDNeZq3uu091cS-RQBlKwXqd57IiCDpwKQ1:435:8319)
    at d.prototype._complete (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:7614)
    at d.prototype.resolveDependency (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:8036)
    at b.prototype._resolveDependency (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:14031)
    at b.prototype._resolve (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:15238)
    at b.prototype.defineModule (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:9005)
    at b.prototype._onLoad (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:10403)
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:16691)
    at c (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:15909)
    TypeError: Unable to get property ‘Common’ of undefined or null reference
    [functions]: ,
    __proto__: {
    [functions]: ,
    __proto__: { },
    message: “”,
    name: “TypeError”
    description: “Unable to get property ‘Common’ of undefined or null reference”,
    message: “Unable to get property ‘Common’ of undefined or null reference”,
    name: “TypeError”,
    number: -2146823281,
    stack: “TypeError: Unable to get property ‘Common’ of undefined or null reference
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/tfs/_plugins/2420/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer.js:2:9822)
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/corejs?v=_MSFW4OfdCDNeZq3uu091cS-RQBlKwXqd57IiCDpwKQ1:435:8319)
    at d.prototype._complete (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:7614)
    at d.prototype.resolveDependency (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:8036)
    at b.prototype._resolveDependency (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:14031)
    at b.prototype._resolve (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:15238)
    at b.prototype.defineModule (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:9005)
    at b.prototype._onLoad (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:10403)
    at Anonymous function (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:16691)
    at c (http://liv1tfs2010:8080/tfs/_static/tfs/12/_scripts/TFS/min/basejs?v=dGN7LpVYzz1ht2C3dYFc8lW3inYzn_TfeSHjG3xTgic1:1211:15909)”

  23. Hi Tiago – many thanks for your reply.

    It turns out I had installed an older version :roll:

    I am now running and can see the changes on my task board – it looks great!

    Thanks again – sorry for wasting your time.

  24. Are you able to add additional columns easily to the board? For example, instead of just having To Do, In Progress and Done, would like to add ‘In QA’ and ‘In UAT’ columns.


    1. In the kanban board you can already add additional columns.

      To add more columns in the task board you need to customize the process template to add additional states

  25. I have a question/ suggestion?

    Is it possible to order items on the Task Board in order of stack rank?

    This would be very useful for prioritising tasks on there.



  26. I’m attempting to gauge the risk to a TFS installation using this extension. I know you have stated that there is a unquantifiable risk that the extension may stop working with a future release of TFS, but how invasive is the extension in modifying a TFS installation?

    We would really like to give it a go, it looks very good!

    If it is literally just a web access extension that affects the behaviour of the web interface, then we’d be a lot happier to just “give it a go” but some have concerns that it will jeopardise our TFS database?


    1. It just affects the UI.

      It merely runs on the browser, it doesn’t do any data changes whatsoever.

      It doesn’t modify the installation, it’s an installable plugin that uses TFS mechanisms for extensability (although undocumented and unsupported), so it uses standard mechanisms.

      You can disable (or uinstall it) on the UI at any time.

  27. Hi Tiago,

    This is a very cool extension, thank you! It looks like all included files are minified, not just the .min.js, event the debug.js. Is it possible to get a readable version of the code? I would love to learn more about how this works.


    1. I’m afraid they are not available.

      I’ve explained the reasons before, since i’m using unsupported features that can stop working with each new release, I’ve chose not to disseminate information that would led to (potential) issues in the future.

  28. I’m really loving the Task Board Enhancer. However, I’m running into a little snag. We use Kanban, and therefore have a modified Agile template. We don’t use requirements, and are really wanting to view the different types of user stories in different colors (the left border). Is there anyway I can do this with this tool?

    Other than that! Great job! Exactly what I’ve been looking for to keep my development team (and the executives) in sync!

    1. At the moment it’s not possible.

      I have something similar on the backlog, but a little more generic. It would not work just only on types of user stories but it would work with user defined conditions.

      For your case, what kind of conditions should trigger different colors?

  29. I performed the following steps, but photos/images aren’t showing against Tasks:
    – Turned on “Show user images instead of names”
    – Uploaded the picture against “My Profile”

    Any suggestions?

  30. Hi Tiago,
    Does the enhancer require any permissions on the user. I’ve setup a “reader” account for unattended displays, and I can’t see the extension’s options on the Backlog Board – this is the latest version on the Task Board Enhancer and TFS 2012.3.


    1. It shouldn’t require any extra permissions, if the user can access TFS, he should be all set.

      Only the options are missing or something else?

      Are other users seeing them?

      Do you see any error on the javascript console?

      1. Thanks Tiago, it seems to have solved itself when we started playing around with the URL. I wonder if it was some sort of browser caching of the JS files.

        We had Windows running as the reader, but IE running as a user, closed IE and opened it again as the reader and the option was missing.


        1. No problem. When in doubt a control F5 is the first thing to try.

          First troubleshooting step I always, to make sure it’s not a caching issue. :-)

  31. Hi Tiago,
    I’ve installed the Enhancer on our TFS 2013 RTM instance and one feature is not working. The Kanban state is not showing on the PBI in the Task board. Instead it just shows the workflow state. Any ideas?

    1. I have had some reports of the kanban state not being visible but I have not been able to determine the root cause.

      It may be related to servers that have been migrated from a previous version (just a guess) but I haven’t been able to isolate it in order to determine the root cause.

      Sorry for the trouble this is causing you

      1. Thanks for the reply Tiago. We do have an upgraded installation of TFS. I have just upgraded our Dev instance to TFS 2013.3 and all other features work but still not the kanban state.
        It would be great if you are able to resolve this.
        Thanks for your help.

  32. Thanks for the work, this helps our team see the big picture! One feature request: A person filter option “All but unassigned” or an option to hide or collapse the Unassigned in the team members board. This would help remove the clutter when viewing the unattended board in Team members mode

  33. Hello Tiago
    Where would I go to find out how to write my own extensions?
    I would like to mimic your blocked task tag which makes the item Red on the Task board but do this on the Features board.
    (To help distinguish Features we want to be able to tag them and have them show as different colours)

    Thanks in advance for any of your time.

    1. Extensions are unsupported and undocumented. So there isn’t much information on the web.

      But I have on my backlog the implementation of a similar feature.

  34. Hello,
    GREAT extension.
    I noticed in the download that all .js files are the same (.js, min.js, debug.js)

    I would really love to work with the “readable” files, try out a few ideas of my own.

    Can you make them available?


    1. Sources are not available for a reason.

      I have stated it a few times here.

      It is using an unsupported mechanism, I don’t want to disseminate information on something that may go away.

  35. Hi

    I’m really eager to install this extension into TFS however, when I go to the control panel and click the extensions tab, I can’t see the + button to enable me to add a new extension!
    Please can you confirm what permissions are required in order to add extensions to TFS?

    Many thanks

  36. First of all, thanks for this nice extension!
    It would be nice if the refresh-feature makes the page scroll to where you currently are.
    Regards, Olle

  37. Hi,

    Great extension.
    Is there a possibility for you to enable a sort to tool tip that will display the value of a certain field. This can be very useful if there are blocked items and by hovering over them I can quickly get a description of the problem.

    If the tool tip isn’t possible then even allowing the option to display a certain custom field on the board would be great.

      1. Not a specific field but an option to display whatever field I choose from my fields pool.
        For example, many of my team members want to see instantly the reason for items being blocked on the board itself. We have this field CompanyName.BlockedReason but it can’t be displayed.

        1. Added to my backlog.

          “Allow specifying a blocked field, which is displayed as a tooltip on the blocked icon.”

          Would that do it for you?

  38. Hi,

    It is a great extension however I have a question. The installation of a TFS Web Extension affects to the all project collections?

    Best regards,

  39. Very cool extension, does most of what I was going to work on. A few for the “wish list”:

    It would be useful to show the last part of the area path on the task in the sprint. We use the area path to show product version, and often have two versions (current/in test and main dev). So if it’s blahyaddawhatever, just display whatever.

    Also, since we use the person view during daily standups, we don’t see the requirement that the task belongs to. Hover text that shows the requirement WI’s number and title would be awesome.

    1. I have added the second suggestion to the backlog.

      As for the first one, there is hardly space for that I think (and it’s not generic enough).

      I’m curious, why don’t you use tags instead? (tags are shown as tooltips)

      1. I suppose we could do tags, but it can be awkward when we move things from one version area path to another. People edit the area and wouldn’t remember to duplicate with the tag. And they don’t want to remove the version from area.

        Any chance of combining the two ideas, with the id/title on one line of the hover text and the area path under it? 😉

  40. Love the extension (I’m using v12.0.8.4 in TFS 2013.3)
    However I’m seeing some odd behaviour in the Kanban board.
    When first opening the board, only some of the tiles display the enhancer attributes (ID, Tags, etc.).
    Only when I click and open specific tiles, those tiles now show properly.
    Refreshing the page removes the attributes again.
    Is this a known issue?
    Any workarounds?

    1. That shouldn’t happen (but I guess you know that :-)).

      Can you check if there are javascript errors (you can check them on your browser javascript console. tipically hitting F12 does the trick)

      How many cards do you have?

      1. I do not see any javascript errors.
        I’ve checked on both IE11 & Google Chrome, same behavior on both.

        We have 259 work items on the backlog.

        Any way I can further debug it?

          1. Thanks.
            It does look like the number of cards has something to do with it. I have a Team Project with several Teams. Each Team sees the cards properly, only the top team (which sees all cards in the Team Project) sees this behavior.

          2. Hi, we have the same problem – large Kanban project with over 200 cards, only a few have the enhancements showing. Is this something to do with the time it takes for the board to load?

            Great tool though (if we didn’t have so many stories!), thanks!

    1. 1) Do you mean show the tags counter on the left? or show the actual contents of the tag?
      2) Not sure what you mean, the status, should be the state right? Isn’t the lane on the board enough to understand it’s done? Can you expand on this?

    1. I haven’t yet checked update 4.

      But in theory (famous last words) it should just work.

      Perhaps it will require an install/uninstall like update 3, but that should be it.

  41. Can you add some configuration to
    1- show/hide pbi and task Ids
    2- show/hide pbi state
    3- show/hide work item type (when color says it)

    IT would be great if you do so :)

  42. Hello,
    Thanks for the great plug-in! I’ve just installed it and trying it out. It looks great

    But, I noticed a bug regarding the Blocked Requirements.

    When I add the ‘Blocked’ tag, it shows the style correctly as blocked, with the thicker red bar and the icon. But if there are additional tags that come before that ‘Blocked’ tag, it seems to lose the style.

    Ex. If I have ‘Blocked’, ‘ZZZ’ as tags, it shows fine. But if I have ‘ABC’, ‘Blocked’ tags, it does not show.

    Can you see what’s going on?
    Thanks in advance

  43. Hi Tiago,

    thanks a lot for the taskboard enhancer!
    I’ve a trouble: sometimes it stops woring, firing this message in the console:
    too many retries. Will not initialize

    This happens only on one team project, and not always. On some sprint, sometime stops working.

    We are using TFS 2013 Update 4 (but same issue on Update 3). Can I have the unminimized JS code to debug?

    1. That happens ocasionally if there is too many data.

      The data is loaded in batches to prevent this,but if there are too many errors it stops after a few retries.

  44. Hi! I love this extension!

    However I have a problem with the user image feature. Some user names are not replaced by their image profile. Any idea?

    I’m using v12.0.8.4 in TFS 2013 RTM.

    Thank you!

  45. Allow state filters for burndown chart. Today the burndown chart is completely hardcoded and cannot be changed. If I want to see a burndown chart for only my “Commited” PBIs I cannot do that without removing the “Approved” PBIs from the sprint.

  46. Hello,
    Looks like my previous comment is deleted or something, I can’t see it anymore.
    But I was talking about a bug where if I have tags for a bug ‘Blocked’ and ‘Test’, the blocked style shows up fine. I can see the thicker line and the icon.
    But if I have tags ‘ABC’ and ‘Blocked’, then the style is gone.
    I’d appreciate it if you can tackle this issue.

    Thanks in advance

  47. HiTiago. You’ve created a great extension but on TFS2013.4 I have issue with requirements execution summary on taskbar. There is not enough space on taskbar to show all informations and third line is cut in half.
    It’d be great if U will look at that.

  48. I installed V12.0.8.4 on TFS2013.4 and have some issues.

    Using the Agile template on the Stories / Board it is not showing the work item IDs for Tasks or Bugs in the New or Active columns. Items in the Resolved and Closed columns do show the Ids.

    On the Task board the “Show the color of a work type for requirements” is not working.. no colors at all for either my User Stories or Bugs.


  49. Suggestion for the backlog; showing the severity of a bug on the card. In particular, it would be nice to have a distinct display for critical bugs akin to the “Blocked” functionality now in here. Perhaps the left sidebar on the card could go from full (critical) to empty (low)?

  50. Does this enhancer allow users to, in the kanban board, view only tasks/issues/stories that are assigned to a particular sprint? This is the missing functionality that my team desperately needs to make use of the kanban board.

  51. First of all, thank you for the great tool.

    Our main reason for using it is to collapse all done items on the sprint board to have a better overview.

    The problem we are facing:
    without the extension, if we collapse manually, the collapsed item take only 1 row, with the extension each item takes 3 rows (we are mixing 2 types), which is almost the same height as a expanded item without the extension

    Due to the additional information, an expanded item no consumes more space than without the extension.

    We don’t need the kanban state and we don’t need the Work Item Type (as text).

    Is there a possibility to disable these two features (show kanban state, show work item type)?

  52. Hi this is very useful,

    is there any way to add, Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.CompletedWork
    along with the RemainingWork field in the task board view (even if its just read only) would make it very much easier to track which task mite be delayed or over/under estimated

  53. We love this extension and it makes a significant change to the way we do our work. Thanks for your work!

    I have a feature request (hoping you will see the value and have time before I get to it).

    Currently when we do complete our tasks on a day to day basis we set the remaining work to 0 but leave the task in progress so that we have an easy reminder for the “What I did Yesterday” part of the stand-up.

    I would love to see tasks in the completed column have some sort of highlighting (border maybe, or different colour?) if they were completed on the last business day.

  54. Thanks for your work on this extension! With Update 4 it is possible to enable the setting “Bugs appear on the backlog and Kanban board”. With this setting enabled bugs appear on the taskboard without having to add the bug WIT to the requirements category. The problem now is that there is no way to see the difference between a requirement or a bug on the taskboard. Is there a way to enable this?

  55. Found a bug, sort of edge case.

    TFS2013.4, viewing the Backlog Board, if there are too many items in “in progress” states (causing TFS to display The number of backlog items has exceeded the display limit of the board, so some items will not appear here. To see all of your backlog items, go to the backlog.) the Task Board Enhancer will not decorate some of the cards.

    Other than that, works like a charm on TFS2013.4 😀

    1. Slight correction, this bug seems to happen if there are more than aprox. 80 cards on the board.

      Looks like cards get decorated going from right to left through the columns and starting from the bottom card in each column.

      1. Jesper – We recently had a similar issue. We found out that we had a PBI incorrectly parented to a Feature.

        Once all our Features and PBIs were appropriately parented the Task Board Enhancer decorated the cards as expected.

  56. What an awesome extension! We disabled it and thought it broke TFS, but it turns out it just looked crap before!

    One minor issue is the feature “Show requirements execution summary” as the text is being cut off by the options below it. Your screenie shows it happening, but it’s worse for some reason for us.

    Great work and please keep it up!

    TFS 2013.4

  57. Hi,

    It seems there might be a bug related to the TFS2013.4 update?
    According to the MSDN article about “Add bugs to the backlog or task board” the “the Requirement Category mustn’t contain an entry for Bug.”

    This seems to conflict with the feature “Show the color of a work type type for requirements” which actually depends on “The color and the work type type are only shown if process template has more than one work item types in the requirement category.”

    As a result, this specific feature does not seem to work anymore.

  58. Hey…
    I am tracking BugCategory on the product backlog, along side requirements, and in my sprint backlog i am not getting the bug colors show, and not even the PBI color.
    I’m guessing that its because of the Bug not being in RequirementCategory…
    Is there any plans to support this setup?

    TFS 2013.4
    Task Board Enhancer

  59. Great plug-in! Works perfectly in 2013.4. I do have one enhancement suggestion that would be a HUGE help for our team, and that would be to add a tool tip when hovering over a Task card, and in that tool-tip display the Parent PBI/Bug ID and description.

    Thanks for the great work! 😎

  60. One question regarding installation. If we install this extension, what will the “scope” of the installation be? I.e. will it be installed to the whole TFS, a particular Team Project, or is it possible to just install for one team?

    Reason I’m asking is that our team would like this extension, but would rather not mess with the other teams who share the same Team Project.

  61. HI,

    NIce tool and im trialling it out, a few questions,

    1. can we disable some of the features, ( eg ID’s being dislayed )

    2. Disable the 0 out of X completed lines in the top charts as they dont fi 100% on my screens.

    3. modify font sizes.. remove or change font weights..

    Whilst its currently un supported it would be really great to make the odd modification to the local files, so a readable version would be great, i know disclaimers disclaimer, un documented .. but the information is creeping on the web as to how to do this now.. it must be past the point of not being able to release some nicer code to help people?

  62. HI.

    Very nice extension. I have hacked around in the code in our version and removed the ID from displaying, but added the “Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Activity” field into the display of a task. I also want to display the Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.Effort field and from what I can see by debugging this could be column 11 in the payload b.payload.columns however when I iterate the columns im seeing only 9 columns.. kinda confusing as I somehow had this working and then it stopped.. any way you can add an option to display the Effort against each PBI?


  63. Thanks,It is a great extension. I want to learn that do we have opportunity to change card colors according to a field.(like priority)

  64. Is it possible to install the plugin manually to Chrome? or to create an extension for Chrome?

    My company will not let me install this TFS extension (healthcare IT is full of overly cautious [insert derogatory term here]) and my team would really appreciate these features.

    1. There was an experimental version that worked as a chrome extension.

      However I’ve removed it from the chrome store

  65. Hi Tiago,

    Absolutely love your extension, works beautifully and adds some excellent features.

    I’ve created a plugin for my own TFS deployment to change task tile colours, but I can only get it to make the change on page load, and the changes are lost when a task tile is clicked on or moved.

    I notice that with your plugin, the Task ID prepended to the task title remains after a tile is changed, could you give me a couple of pointers for how to make that happen?

    Thanks in advance,

  66. Hi Tiago,

    Is it possible to turn off the display of the work item id?

    Thanks and congratulations for the great job on this extension!

    Marcos Leal

  67. Great extension, just what I was looking for. One problem though, the requirements execution summary seems to be cutoff, the element is dipping behind the Group By filter. I’m not sure what’s controlling the spacing around this element, but it seems to be screen resolution related.

  68. I want refresh when i click on add button in backlog page (adding the backlog)
    note: after click on add it should refresh after 2 sec if possible

    Please reply soon……

  69. Tiago, great extension.

    I have a question, Instead of the blocked tag, Can i have the task WI change color for different tag values, any generic string value. If yes, How would i be able to do it? Thanks!

  70. How about TFS 2015 support? Have it been tested? Does it work? Any new version under construction if not?

    1. It is has been silently released (no announcements).
      It has less features, but most of the features that were removed are not available in 2015 out of the box

  71. Great extension. Can’t believe that some of these items aren’t in TFS by default.

    Feature Request: On the taskboard could we get the ability to color code items by the type of activity? For example “Development”, “Testing”, etc. That way we could tell at a glance how much of the outstanding work is for testers vs developers.

  72. I would like to make a feature/enhancement request. My team has greatly benefited from adding ‘blocked’ to the tags to denote blocked items and would like another option. Since TFS doesn’t support horizontal swim lanes, would you please add another special tag mapping for something like ‘critical’ or ‘escalated’ to denote items that are so important they need to jump in front of other work in progress? This would help us track critical bugs moving down the lanes during sprints.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  73. Hi,

    We have now implemented this extension into our TFS 2013 update 4 system.

    It seems to show some strange behaviour, whereby it only shows the ID and tag-count information on some requirements but when opened (and then closed) it then displays it ok – however this doesn’t persist (i.e. lost with refresh)

    Is this what you would expect?


  74. Is there any plans to filter the work items on the board by area path?

    We currently use area path for smaller projects under a much larger team. With such a large main project and several smaller projects, it would be useful to filter by the area path and just show those work items. Maybe put the link to filter this next to the option to filter by person?

    Great job on the work you’ve done!

    1. There aren’t.

      However you can use teams to have different boards for different teams (and teams can have a default area path)

  75. Found a bug, if you set a “test suite” as a child of a “task” that is in a sprint it causes the feature which shows items as blocked to stop working.

    By removing the “child” link in TFS resolves the issue

  76. I notice you posted a new build for TFS 2015, which is great. I know that TFS itself now implements many of your enhancements, which proves their value all along.
    The *one* feature we really liked, which is missing from TFS and also from the new build of Enhancer, is the marking of Blocked items. I know TFS lets me add the “Blocked: Yes/No” field to the tile, but we really like the red marking on the board. More in-your-face.

    Any chance that feature will make it back in?


    1. First off – love the extension.

      I do want to echo what Brad wrote – the coloring of Blocked items has been extremely useful for my organization, and is noticeably absent after the upgrade to TFS2015.

      I saw your post that the 2015 version of the Task Board Enhancer has less features – but has it been posted as to what the features are that are no longer included?

      Thanks again for a great extension!


      1. Basically I’ve removed all features that are available out of the box in 2015

        I’ve also add to remove some features that were too costly too implement.

  77. Hi,
    I have installed the Plug-In in our test environment and it works like a charm.

    I have installed the same in our Production Environment, though I see the Task WIT Workflow, but the Board is not updated.
    I don’t see the new states To do, In-Progress, Done.
    I would appreciate if you can let me know what can be the reason.

    Please check the post below:

    Thanks again

  78. I’m using a modified Kanban process template. The “blocked” state does not show an icon as described above. I’ve tried both the template’s blocked state (Microsoft.VSTS.Kanban.Blocked) and a tag called Blocked. Neither works. Note: I can’t create a field with Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Blocked as it doesn’t exist in the template at all. I looked at the javascript console and there are no errors.

  79. I’m also missing the feature to turn blocked items to red. This was highly used in our scrum meetings to help set the plan for the day. Will this be put back into the enhancer?

    Great job with this tool. I’ve been using it for quite some time.

    Thank you!

      1. Is there any configuration change for the OOB ‘blocked’ feature to turn the workitem to red? All it does is just adds a Tag with blocked like any other tag.

        1. You can add a card color styling with a condition of Tags Contains blocked for example (or any other condition)

          (I’m talking about VSTS/TFS OOB conditions)

  80. I just installed the TFS 2015 version and it’s not working:

    GET http://tfs:8080/tfs/_plugins/4107/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer t.load @ basejs:77s.load @ basejs:77pt.load @ basejs:77pt.fetch @ basejs:77pt.check @ basejs:77pt.enable @ basejs:77s.enable @ basejs:77(anonymous function) @ basejs:77(anonymous function) @ basejs:77f @ basejs:77pt.enable @ basejs:77pt.init @ basejs:77(anonymous function) @ basejs:77
    basejs:77 Uncaught Error: Script error for: /tfs/_plugins/4107/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer
    http://requirejs.org/docs/errors.html#scripterrorc @ basejs:77s.onScriptError @ basejs:77

    The GET request is looking for “http://tfs:8080/tfs/_plugins/4107/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer” instead of “http://tfs:8080/tfs/_plugins/4107/Tspascoal.Extensions.TaskBoardEnhancer.js” or the minified version.

  81. We love this tool!

    We’ve just upgraded our server from TFS 2013 to 2015.1. Most of the enhancer works fine, but for existing (upgraded) projects, the Collapse/Hide Done Requirements feature is unavailable. These are projects based on the 2013 Scrum process template.

    Is it possible to enable this feature? It’s really helpful in keeping the board compact during Daily Scrum meetings.

    1. Yes, that feature is gone in 2015.

      It was just too costly to implement due the changes between 2013 and 2015.


  82. hi tiago,
    I just upgraded to TFS2015.1 / Taskboard Enhancer but i found no option to activate hiding done requirements. Is this feature not available anymore? If so it would be realy nice if you could state anywhere which feature is available depending on the version.
    br lars

    1. Yes, that feature is gone in 2015.

      It was just too costly to implement due the changes between 2013 and 2015


  83. I’ve installed the TFS 2015 Update 1 version of this extension in my TFS environment and it has removed the horizontal scroll bar from the Kanban board in areas that have more than 6 columns (depending on window size).

    Most of my areas are not affected by this because they are only 2-3 columns.

  84. We recently moved to TFS 2015. We installed the enhancer but we don’t see “Close/hide done items” option which was really useful. Can you help us?

  85. We are having an issue with v 12.08.5 of the extension and TFS 2013 Update 5.

    The issue is that the extension does not display any of the features with an iteration that contains 227 work items. There are 28 Stories and 199 linked tasks. Is there a limit the number of items that the extension can handle?

    1. There should be no limits.

      Do you see any error on the browser console?

      I have not tried it against Update 5, so that could be the issue

  86. Very good article..

    I have a question for you. Can you please help?

    Is there any way to set Task Boards so you always can see name of the swimlane when you are scrolling? Similar to Freeze Panes in Excel?

  87. Hi.. I have a question ..Can you please help?

    Is there any way to set Task Boards so you always can see name of the swimlane when you are scrolling? Similar to Freeze Panes in Excel?

  88. I’m pretty new to Tfs. Using Tfs 2015 Update 3 on-premise I can’t seem to upload this extension. Tfs 2015 seems to expect extensions in a vsix format?

    1. You should try it under the legacy extensions (speaking from memory, not sure if it’s the exact term).

      Although I have not tried it update 3, only 2

  89. Hi,
    are you going to release Task Board Enhancer for TFS 2015 Update 3? If so when? :)

    Thanks a lot 😉

    Best regards,

      1. We were using version and it stopped working after upgrade to Update 3. I tried to install version event it is for Update 2 and it is working :)

        Thanks for tip 😉

  90. Which features are actually in the TFS2015 Update 2 release? It would be beneficial if there was a breakdown of which features are in each release as I know some of these are now built into TFS.

    1. 2015 versions have
      Auto refresh
      Auto Scrolling

      That is basically it. All other features that have been removed should be available out of the box with 2015

  91. Suggested enhancement: We love the Done filter, but it would be nice if that could also filter out items with a “Removed” status from the Kanban board.

    1. TFS 2017 will not be supported. 2015 is the last version.

      Most of the functionality is available in 2017 out of the box

      1. There is no version for 2017. TFS 2015 is the last version where it will be available.

        Most of the functions are available in 2017 out of the box

    1. TFS 2017 will not be supported. 2015 is the last version.

      Most of the functionality is available in 2017 out of the box

  92. Hi, I recently downloaded this extension, and it’s great indeed !, everything is OK just i don’t know why in the task board somer user images are shown correctly but in some users not, all users are team members so, could you help me with some tips to fix that?……I use TFS 2012 by the way.

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