Team Companion: Free Personal Licenses giveway

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Today Team Companion not only reached a new milestone (v 4.7) but is is also sim shipping with VS 2012.

For those who are not aware, Team Companion is an Outlook add in, that allows you to manage your TFS work item, do agile planning, see the reports and sharepoint documents (associated with a team project) right from Outlook, without having to open VS. It allows you to easily send a list of work items via email, create work items directly from an email, among a lot of other things.

It’s a tool that I’ve been using since its first version and that I recommend to all my customers.

In order to celebrate 5th anniversary (and VS launch )  Ekobit is going to give away [FREE personal licenses]( to anyone who requests.

You can read the full details the giveaway here

This blog post contains what is new in version 4.7

The giveaway bonanza starts on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, 8:00 AM PDT (UTC -7:00) and ends on ends on Friday, September 14th at Midnight PDT (UTC -7:00).

If you are too impatient to read the full announcement and wish to grab your free license immediately, you should follow @TeamCompanion on twitter and retweet the new version announcement. TeamCompanion team will contact you with a direct message in order to obtain your details (name and email address) so it can generate the license and send it to you.

How to get a license: follow TeamCompanion on Twitter @TeamCompanion! Once you have done that, RT the announcement tweet as soon as possible. TeamCompanion team will contact you with a direct message in order to obtain information needed to create your license (name and e-mail address).

You can download and obtain more information about it at, take a quick tour or go into feature details.