Visual Studio Online hubot scripts updated to support API V1.0

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I have previously blogged about using Hubot with Visual Studio Online on:

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A few weeks ago Visual Studio Online REST API has reached V1.0 milestone, this means it has left preview mode and that the preview API is now deprecated. It still available and works as is, but it will be eventually removed from the product.

This mean that Visual Studio Online hubot scripts should be updated to use version 1.0 of the API.

My pull request to make the scripts use V1.0 of the API has been accepted (version 0.3.0)

You just need to update the scripts (manually or using nom) and it’s dependencies (which should be automatic if you use npm.

If you are using OAuth you will also need to recreate the application (since we now have a more granular set of permissions and the script now ask for a reduced set or permissions).

Note: since you can’t change existing permissions you will need to delete the application on Visual Studio Online and create a new one

These are the required authorized scopes.

After that reconfigure the application id and the secret on the configuration and you are all set.

Users will need to re authorized hubot, but don’t hurrym if re authorization is needed, the scripts will automatically detect this and ask the user to authorize again, you don’t need to reconfigure anything else.

If you are using Hubot with Visual Studio Team Rooms, Hubot adapter for Visual Studio Online has also been updated to use V1.0 so you should also updated.