ALM Rangers shipped Build Customization Guide

1 minute read


The ALM Rangers Build Customization Guide has gone gold and the RTM version has been released into the wild.

If you are new to TFS team build or you are familiar with it but want to learn more about, this guide is a very valuable resource.

It contains complete guidance of how you can enhance or fully customize your build templates.

If you are the sort of person who likes to learn by example hands on labs are also included to guide you to learn a lot of things using task driven examples.

If you are the sort of person who doesn’t has the patience to read you it also contains some quick videos to showcase you the guidance (great for telecommutersSmile )

You can read it more about it here on Rangers blog announcement post or the project table of content blog post or if you are in an hurry you can go directly to the project site on codeplex ( to get the bits.

The Team on this project

Adimulam Sudheer, André Dias, Bill Heys, Bijan Javidi, Bob Hardister, Brian Blackman, Brian Minisi, Daniel Franco Abrahão de Oliveira, David Corbin, Ed Blankenship, Ewald Hofman, Fabio Casado, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín, Giulio Vian, Hassan Fadili, Jahangeer Mohammed, Jeff Bramwell, Jens K. Süßmeyer, Jim Lamb, John Jacob (JJ), Joseph Abukhader, Leonard S. Woody III, Mathias Olausson, Mike Douglas , Mike Fourie, Nico Orschel, Oliver Hilgers, Patricia Wagner, Petr Moravek, Pierre Donyegro, Richard Fennell, Silfarney Wallace, Steven Lange, Stuart Preston, Sven Hubert, Thomas Schissler, Tiago Pascoal, Tim Star, William Bartholomew, Willy-Peter Schaub